Requiem for my Shadow Bride

A phantasmagorical tale of a Los Angeles crooner racketeer Jimmy Vargas and his affair with a Sorceress from the San Francisco Mission Liliana Scarlatta, who is the avatar of Hollywood Queens of the nineteen forties, Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and the infamous Black Dahlia.

Release Date...January 14th 2018

Avaialable from DMP

Temple of Lily Cover

The sequel to Jimmy Vargas' My Shadow Bride.

Los Angeles July 1947…Small time racketeer Jimmy Vargas scams scores a berth as a fixit guy for mobster producer Johnny Roselli's production set up at glitter gulch studio Eagle Lion Pictures. Enter WW 2 hero priest, one Father Ragland 'The Parachutin Padre' who convinces Roselli to pony up some seed money for a bio-pic about America’s first female saint. The movie turns out to be a propaganda front of Raglands to promote his new Catholic armitrix against the communist in-surge in cold war America, with the seductive Maria Salvez served up as the Madonna of his fledgling Church.

Release Date... January 14th 2018

Avaialable from DMP